MonogrammedEverything has a new look!!

Monogrammed Gifts!We are so excited to announce that our new site is ready for shopping! Same great products, some NEW products, some SALE products…still the best monogrammed gifts around!  Now that the site has been redesigned, we can pour all of our energy into creating new and exciting monogrammed gifts, just in time for the holidays! Enjoy our new flat rate shipping…yes that’s right, it doesn’t matter how much you order, how much it weighs, how far we ship it…you pay only $6.95!  Also new, send us YOUR item to embroider or monogram. We’ll add what you want & send it back to you!! How easy is that! Email us for details! is committed to providing you the latest trends in personalized and monogrammed gifts…we’re committed to providing these items to you at a reasonable price and at a very fast pace! For all of your shopping needs,! Because everything looks better with a monogram!

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Advances in Monogramming!!!

We are very excited to announce that MonogrammedEverything customers now have the option of bringing us THEIR items to monogram or embroider!!  The monogrammed gift options just got even bigger! We are also in the process of redesigning our website to reflect these changes so check back in a week or so to view the changes!  In the meantime, if you have a shirt, blanket, pillow case, towel, burpie, bib….the list goes on, that you would like embroidered, shoot us an email!

Monogrammed gifts are a forever favorite and as you know, we love bringing you the best the monogrammed world has to offer!  Whether you’re buying for a baby, a child, a friend, family member or better yet, yourself…MonogrammedEverything has exactly what you’re looking for! You come up with the idea, we bring it to life…creating new and exciting monogrammed gifts every day.

The holidays are just around the corner!  We’re monogramming pumpkins as we speak, we can do yours too!  Already looking to Thanksgiving and Christmas? The new site will have our awesome original monogrammed gifts as well as SEVERAL new ones!!  Still have something else in mind? We’ll create the monogrammed gift YOU are thinking of…just let us know how we can help!

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Monogrammed Babies!

Monogrammed Bibs!

Monogrammed Bibs!

It seems that something is “in the water” around here at MonogrammedEverything!  We have babies all around us which is of course inspiring our creative side!  Busy as ever here designing new monogrammed bibs, monogrammed burpies, personalized blankies…even monogrammed sippies!  All things monogrammed, all things cute!

We’re wondering what appeals to you in the baby department?  Is it versatility, durability…or simply that cute-factor? We prefer a mix! What is your ideal baby product? Bright colors, calm? Fabrics, textures? We’re trying a little bit of everything!  Check out our new products, being added often!! Monogrammed Bibs, Burpies, Personalized baby blankets & more!!

Is your family like ours? Do you have babies everywhere right now? The holidays are rapidly approaching, consider gifts of function and of style.  All babies need bibs, blankets etc…why not give them one made just for them!….on a quest to put a monogram on everything because it just looks so much better!

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Fall is HERE! And so our Monogrammed Clogs!

It’s here, everyone! That season we’ve been waiting for…and the air reflects the season, finally!

We are so excited to break out our fall gear…monogrammed clogs, monogrammed pashmina shawls and monogrammed scented candles…pumpkin spice anyone?!?  What else do we have to look forward to? Warm fires, fun snuggles, fall decorations…Halloween, Thanksgiving…the list is endless!  The sights and smells of fall are upon us, soon the leaves will be doing that beautiful thing they do and the crisp air will blow through…

We have a LOT of fall favorites here at MonogrammedEverything…tell us some of yours!  What are your favorite things about fall? Do you have special projects that you do? Favorite clothing you wear? (did we mention our fav monogrammed clogs?!?!)  Is Thanksgiving the holiday you look forward to each year? Mmmmmm, we can smell that dinner already!

Does this time of year spark the Christmas shopping thoughts?  It sure does spark ours, our elves are eagerly preparing already! Look for new items to be added just about daily from now until December! We have hundreds of monogrammed gifts, perfect for any person on your list…perfect for you too, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

 Monogrammed Clogs!

Happy Fall to all of our loyal customers! We hope you can relax and enjoy this season as much as we do! We also hope that you’re enjoying it in style with our fall favorites

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Everything Looks Better with a Monogram!!!

monogrammed gifts

Have you ever noticed that even the simplest of things become spectacular with the addition of a monogram?  Obviously we see the beauty in this every day…but love to point out these instances whenever possible? Monogrammed gifts and items are “hot items”, no doubt but you don’t have to get very elaborate to get a huge wow-factor!

Case in point: my cousin is having a baby boy in November. The shower is this weekend; I’m out of town and won’t be attending.  I sent a blanket, a bib and a burpieboring nice gift. Baby’s monogram is on each item = a very excited thank you note has already been emailed. That extra thought in not just a gift, but a monogrammed gift is so worth it! Plus, most places don’t even charge extra to personalize a gift…bonus.

It’s nearing the end of September…and if your fam is anything like mine, pumpkin carving and fall in general is a fav around here! Kids=scary or funny faces. Mom=a monogrammed pumpkin. People driving or walking by the house with face pumpkins only…aww cute faces. People driving by with that family monogram pumpkin in the middle…WOW, SO CUTE!! Trust me, I know, it’s been happening for a few years now! Who would’ve thought that the addition of 3 letters or even 1 could mean so much.

We give gifts all the time, and the holidays are rapidly approaching as well…keep this in mind!  A personalized or monogrammed gift will beat a regular gift any day of the week. A timeless classic, never going out of style, has been here for AGES.  We heart monogrammed gifts here at MonogrammedEverything!

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Mother's Jewelry

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for mom? We’ve been doing some research and have come up with SEVERAL ideas…yours for the taking!  The most obvious answer to this question for many moms is mother’s jewelry.  Whether it be a photo bracelet, a charm necklace or bracelet with her precious one’s names or the standard beaded names bracelet, mom is sure to love it!  Anything with her babies names on it, you’re good to go!  Perhaps mom is a little trendier, a monogrammed mom pendant is definitely the way to go. She can add this to her favorite necklace or you can string it for her on something that fits HER style. These pendants are SO versatile!

Maybe jewelry isn’t mom’s thing? Is she a chef? Personalized kitchen items are a GREAT birthday gift for mom.  A monogrammed cutting board, personalized apron, monogrammed serving pieces, monogrammed ice bucket…the list in this category just goes on and on!  These items are practical, stylish and thoughtful…making them a perfect birthday gift for mom.

 Ok, so your mom isn’t a chef or a jewelry wearer? Is that what you’re thinking? We’re thinking monogrammed fuzzy slippers, a monogrammed pashmina shawl or scarf, a personalized blanket, a monogrammed baseball cap, a monogrammed scented candle?  Any of these striking a chord as a great birthday gift for your mom?

If none of these awesome birthday gift ideas sound like YOUR mom, then the number 1 fail-proof gift is here!  Get your favorite family photo and frame it in: you guessed it, a personalized photo frame!  What mom wouldn’t love that!! We love finding that perfect birthday gift for mom, every single year! Happy Birthday to you!

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Fall is Finally in the Air!!!

Pashmina Shawl

For the first time today here at, fall is in the air! It is morning time here, so we could be singing a different tune by lunchtime but for now we are super excited to break out the monogrammed shawls and scarves!  Aren’t you?  If you’re thinking that you only have plain shawls or scarves….or worse yet that you don’t have any at all, then boy do we have some item that will make you smile!  Our luxurious silk monogrammed pashmina shawls are an absolute must-have for fall.  They feel amazing….and better yet, look amazing! Go to any fashion site, read any fashion article and you’re sure to find a stylish and versatile shawl suggested.  And unless you live somewhere warm all year round, a cozy scarf is a must-have too! Why not put your monogram on these necessary items!!!

Does someone have a birthday coming up or any other event you need to give a gift for? A simple monogrammed shawl or scarf makes a perfect and thoughtful gift that’s sure to please!  We’re stocking our shelves as we speak with the top selling item for fall…don’t miss out! Order your monogrammed shawl today or be super prepared for winter with a warm cozy monogrammed scarf.  Stay warm in style!

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