Embroider a baby!!

Ok well by now you are fully aware of how much I love monogramming things….but now I want to discuss in detail, how to properly embroider a baby 😉 Embroidered baby gifts are the absolute best gift you can give to a new or expecting mom.  I don’t know about you, but visiting your local babiesRus for a baby shower gift off the registry feels so…..boring, unoriginal…lacking the WOW factor.  Now, obviously what the mom-to-be needs is on that registry, so go there and pick something up…but then go to www.monogrammedeverything.com and pick something to supplement that registry gift. An embroidered baby gift of any kind is a safe way to go, especially if you know baby’s name.  If mom isn’t sharing baby’s name, stick with the registry and supplement later…say when you visit the baby for the first time!!  Another really cute idea if mom isn’t sharing baby’s name is to simply embroider the last name initial onto something cute and adorable, say a monogrammed bib or monogrammed burp cloth.  Afterall, baby’s last name is a sure thing, right?  The absolute latest trends when it comes to baby gear is personalized, embroidered, monogrammed…which is why I love www.monogrammedeverything.com.  Your best source for the cutest, preppiest embroidered baby gifts….in the world!! Check it out, I’m not lying…

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