Monogrammed Laptop Sleeves?? Really? My life just got that much better…

So, it’s official…all of my dreams are coming true.  I am blessed to have the child who looks forward to shopping for school supplies…starting in JUNE! Obviously the local Target isn’t carrying the things that will excite him so we have to get creative in our searches and he is lucky to have a monogramming mommy.  Clearly I’ve got ties to things that I know he’ll like…but much to my surprise, I had something at my fingertips that even I didn’t know about:  monogrammed laptop sleeves!!! Ok, this is for mommy, not for baby school-boy but oh my, I put these on my homepage immediately. So adorable. I mean, everyone needs a laptop sleeve…unless I suppose you never leave home?? But to have found this necessity with my fav thing ever??  Not boring, stiff professional embroidery but FUN, personalized just for me!  I opted to of course include polka-dots on mine and am excited to see what my ever so creative customers do with theirs…stay tuned!!

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