Bad Economy=Bad Wedding Gifts??

Ahhh it’s the wedding season, I’ve been to 5 already this year and I must say that in this economy especially, wedding gifts are a challenge. For the actual wedding, not so much the wedding shower, a good gift is hard to come by…one that is reasonably priced that is. Giving the amount of cash that I would like to ultimately spend to the new couple, well, it makes us look cheap. So, what do you do?

Wedding etiquette states that your gift should cover your dinner, which can obviously vary drastically from wedding to wedding. But I think I have come up with a great idea: something that will be appreciated, loved, and shockingly useable for the new couple. Something that has that “wow” factor but doesn’t break the bank. Something that may not entirely cover dinner but something that will lend to quick forgiveness upon opening. A monogrammed gift! An unusual wedding gift, but yet so traditional, so timeless. The options for this monogrammed gift are endless; allow me to demonstrate. You can: get them a monogrammed return address stamp with their new moniker, personalized stationery, monogrammed serving pieces-casual party ware would be best in this case as they likely registered already for the fancy stuff. You can: give a personalized apron, chef hat, recipe box for the chef-ish couple, monogram scented jar candles, soaps for the bathroom. For the honeymoon, monogrammed beach towels and of course a monogrammed cooler tote.

All of the aforementioned items do not even require you to know what the couple’s “color scheme” is, what their personal style is etc. These are timeless pieces, timeless items that can be used by all and that will undoubtedly excite anyone! I could honestly go on and on with ideas for hours about all of the great things a monogram can spice up enough to make a wallet friendly wedding gift…without any embarrassment whatsoever. Honestly, think about this: you get married, you need to send out 200 thank you notes. You receive a cute, preppy, return address stamp giving those thank you notes a personal, yet convenient touch and voila! The quest for an affordable yet slightly unique or unusual wedding gift has been conquered! You will thank me later when your thank you note raves of the monogrammed address stamp…and your wallet will thank me as well. So there you have it: the ever elegant, timeless monogram serves as a creator of the most unique and unusual wedding gifts you will ever find.

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