The Best Birthday Party Ideas!

My little guy just turned 5 and as I was party shopping for the 5th time, I realized something.  You know those treat bags that you provide to the kiddos who attend? They are usually made of plastic, correspond with the cake and are filled with junk?  Well, when we are the recipients of these, I typically try to hide or throw the bag and the contents away as soon as little bits will have forgotten about it, HA!  So why then, why, do parents spend SEVERAL dollars on these bags? They make no impression, there is no use gotten out of them.  So for this party I set out to change this practice. I did a lot of searching but the results were amazing.  Did you know that you can find small tote bags or pencil boxes that can be PERSONALIZED with the attendees names??? Now, I know what you’re thinking; those must be crazy expensive.  They are in fact NOT. I spent a little less than $10 and the totes served as a bag to hold the “projects” we did at the party.  Throw some fruit snacks in there if you choose but I did not even do that.  Each bag was stuffed only with a picture of little Ryan and a pre-written thank  you note from him for coming to his party and making his birthday special. Voila!  I just killed two birds with one stone; the thank you notes were complete before the party even ended!!

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