Dorm Room Shopping…A New Chapter

Cutest Laundry Bags

For most, the end of summer produces a big sigh of relief…the kiddos go back to school, life goes back to normal. For some though, this particular summer marks a major milestone. One where a child leaves the home for…the comforts of a dorm room. This can be anxiety producing for both parents and our “children”, don’t let them hear me call them that!! Feeling that empty nest, if it is in fact empty is very hard…and even if your nest isn’t empty, losing one to the dorms changes the whole dynamic of the house. This is a complicated time filled with some fear, anticipation, pride…the emotions run the gamut here! 

For mothers and daughters especially, that last major shopping trip, dorm room shopping is a momentous experience. It is a fun day, albeit expensive in many cases but one of the last chances for major QT before the big move. The bedding, the decor, the school supplies…those are all things you will likely want to go out and tackle together. You probably don’t need ideas from me in this area…as I’m guessing that the new dormies will have plenty of ideas of their own!!

But what about those family members who are undoubtedly asking for ideas on going away presents, something “useable”, perhaps you’re hosting a going away party for the new scholar. Well, here are some ideas: How about a personalized laptop sleeve? This will protect the investment in a fun way, personalized exactly to their style. If she won’t be bringing her own laptop, how about a monogrammed towel & shower caddy or an adorable monogrammed laundry bag? These are all necessities of dorm life and awesome gift ideas!! So there you have it, you can’t go wrong with a laptop sleeve, monogrammed towels & shower accessories or a trendy monogrammed laundry bag! Any of those are sure to please

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