The Timeless Monogram

In earlier times, the monogram was a royal signature. Not only a signature, the Romans and Greeks used them on coins to identify their rulers, much like Americans coin past presidents on our currency. In the Middle Ages, they became a signature on work for artisans. Moving into the Victorian-period,the monogram became a personal symbol of ones place in society. Today, monograms can be seen on just about anything…which is where we come in. MonogrammedEverything recognizes the history of the monogram, the timeless style and strives to provide you with the monogrammed gifts you desire so that you have the perfect item for any occasion, something that fits your perfect style or the style of your recipient. Throughout time, the preference on monograms has varied from 1 letter, to 2, and back again to the classic 3 letter style. At MonogrammedEverything you can be sure we are not only fun & flexible with our monogramming…you can be sure we follow the “rules” of monogramming!

In earlier times, monograms were simple.  Today’s monogramming rules are more flexible, but for the monogramming purist, there are a few standards: monograms with three initials are to be in the Victorian format of first initial, large last initial, middle initial. Married monograms consist of the bride’s first initial on the left, the groom’s first initial on the right, and the joint last name initial larger in the center. But the choice is truly yours. One thing is certain though: You can’t go wrong with monogrammed gifts. They are classic, sure to withstand the times of changing fashion. Monogrammed gifts are elegant, full of class, regardless of which item you choose to monogram!

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