New Products Added: Christmas is just around the Corner!

Personalized Jewelry

In preparation for the Christmas shopping season(yes, we know it’s only August!) , we have begun adding new products. First in line of course, personalized jewelry! Giving a gift of jewelry is always sure to bring a smile, give a gift of personalized jewelry and you may get a smile mixed with a tear! Those good happy tears, tears of appreciation, tears of sentiment can mean only 1 thing! You did a great job picking the perfect gift! Personalizing jewelry means that you’ve gone that extra step; you’ve not only selected something stylish & trendy but also something that will be cherished from the heart for years to come. Putting in the extra thought, going the extra mile is what creates those happy memories, those cherished heirlooms within families.

In the months to come, look not only for new personalized jewelry but also many more monogrammed gifts. We promise to continue looking for the absolute cutest, preppiest monogrammed gifts you will find, anywhere! In the months to come, look also for all that really fun stuff that you look forward to in the fall and holiday months…fun decorations, awesome party ideas, delicious recipies! Those are some of our favorite things; tell us what yours are!

We are very much looking forward to the Christmas season; we very much look forward to providing you with the gifts that will warm hearts. Thank you for shopping with, thank you for being a part of our family.

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