Happy Back to School Week!

Monogrammed Gifts

For many, this week marks back to school time! We know this is a very busy week, a week filled with a lot of emotion for some…so we wanted to say good luck & have a great week! Whether your kiddos are headed to Kindergarten or to college; enjoy, savor those memories! Back to school time is often a time where moms breathe a sigh of relief, the kids are back in school…whatever your situation might be, we hope this is a good week filled with lots of cute pics! If you’re looking for something sentimental to do with those pics, we of course have some ideas! Simple photo collages are becomming very popular (and easy!!) to make, often designed online with the album you upload from your back to school festivities. Another cute idea, are photo bracelets…charm bracelets that include your photos as charms. Of course, scrapbooking is a classic way to store momentos of these days in a cute way! Whatever you choose, choose to do something. We all know how these opportunities can get away from us, how difficult it can be to keep up with organizing photos etc. So, waste no time & decide how you will capture these days now! Maybe it’s the photo bracelet, maybe its a simple collage, album, scrapbook….or maybe its a blog post! These days are precious from beginning to end! Happy Back to School Week from MonogrammedEverything.com!

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