Here Comes Santa Claus!!

We are in the landslide time of the year where Halloween is just around the corner which means that before you can blink it will be Thanksgiving…and of course after that it will be…GASP…Christmas!! Some people begin thinking about Christmas shopping now, in the month of September. Others attempt to block it out until December 23rd. Whatever you category you belong to, perhaps you lie somewhere in the middle, we have some great ideas for you!

This is certainly the season of shopping, a season of receiving and giving gifts. This year we are focusing on giving gifts of meaning. Yes, this will take a little time! In fact, if you fall into the category of denial until December 23rd, you can stop reading now. Giving personalized gifts, monogrammed gifts, gifts that warm the heart are so much fun to give! They feel good to give, they feel good to get. The beauty of these gifts, personalized or monogrammed gifts, is that they can be so simple: a coffee mug, a mouse mad, a photo frame…and the smiles are priceless. You can also get a little more elaborate if you choose: personalized jewelry, embroidered blankets or personalized kitchen items for the chef in your life. Regardless of which route you go, these types of gifts insure lasting memories and are actually very practical. They’re a lot more fun than a shirt and tie too!!

Personalized or monogrammed gifts: consider that this Christmas season…consider the TRUE meaning of this season while you’re at it!

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