Monogrammed Candles

There are just 9 days of summer left…for some that is sad, for others (LIKE US!!!) this is exciting! Fall is a favorite of ours here at!

We get excited for our Autumn decor, our cozy fireplaces, hot cocoa, Halloween parties, the list goes on! We are equally excited to get out our shawls, our clogs, our Fall CLOTHING!! We get to say goodbye to the heat and hello to the smells of pumpkin spice and apple pie!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the pool and beach with the best of ’em but now that the pool is closed…it’s time to break out the fall wardrobe, the fall scents, the fall EVERYTHING! Don’t you agree?

What are your favorite things about fall? Are you a Halloween fanatic, do you put on the party that everyone talks about? Do you have the scariest house on the block or the best fire pit to roast marshmallows over? Do you love putting your shorts and flip flops away in favor of your cutest jeans and clogs? Do you love the hues of red, gold, orange and brown? The smell of the fireplace? The sight of the leaves turning beautiful colors?

Tell us what you like? You know we love to hear all about it!!

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