Fall is Finally in the Air!!!

Pashmina Shawl

For the first time today here at MonogrammedEverything.com, fall is in the air! It is morning time here, so we could be singing a different tune by lunchtime but for now we are super excited to break out the monogrammed shawls and scarves!  Aren’t you?  If you’re thinking that you only have plain shawls or scarves….or worse yet that you don’t have any at all, then boy do we have some item that will make you smile!  Our luxurious silk monogrammed pashmina shawls are an absolute must-have for fall.  They feel amazing….and better yet, look amazing! Go to any fashion site, read any fashion article and you’re sure to find a stylish and versatile shawl suggested.  And unless you live somewhere warm all year round, a cozy scarf is a must-have too! Why not put your monogram on these necessary items!!!

Does someone have a birthday coming up or any other event you need to give a gift for? A simple monogrammed shawl or scarf makes a perfect and thoughtful gift that’s sure to please!  We’re stocking our shelves as we speak with the top selling item for fall…don’t miss out! Order your monogrammed shawl today or be super prepared for winter with a warm cozy monogrammed scarf.  Stay warm in style!

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