Happy Birthday Mom!

Mother's Jewelry

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for mom? We’ve been doing some research and have come up with SEVERAL ideas…yours for the taking!  The most obvious answer to this question for many moms is mother’s jewelry.  Whether it be a photo bracelet, a charm necklace or bracelet with her precious one’s names or the standard beaded names bracelet, mom is sure to love it!  Anything with her babies names on it, you’re good to go!  Perhaps mom is a little trendier, a monogrammed mom pendant is definitely the way to go. She can add this to her favorite necklace or you can string it for her on something that fits HER style. These pendants are SO versatile!

Maybe jewelry isn’t mom’s thing? Is she a chef? Personalized kitchen items are a GREAT birthday gift for mom.  A monogrammed cutting board, personalized apron, monogrammed serving pieces, monogrammed ice bucket…the list in this category just goes on and on!  These items are practical, stylish and thoughtful…making them a perfect birthday gift for mom.

 Ok, so your mom isn’t a chef or a jewelry wearer? Is that what you’re thinking? We’re thinking monogrammed fuzzy slippers, a monogrammed pashmina shawl or scarf, a personalized blanket, a monogrammed baseball cap, a monogrammed scented candle?  Any of these striking a chord as a great birthday gift for your mom?

If none of these awesome birthday gift ideas sound like YOUR mom, then the number 1 fail-proof gift is here!  Get your favorite family photo and frame it in: you guessed it, a personalized photo frame!  What mom wouldn’t love that!! We love finding that perfect birthday gift for mom, every single year! Happy Birthday to you!

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