Everything Looks Better with a Monogram!!!

monogrammed gifts

Have you ever noticed that even the simplest of things become spectacular with the addition of a monogram?  Obviously we see the beauty in this every day…but love to point out these instances whenever possible? Monogrammed gifts and items are “hot items”, no doubt but you don’t have to get very elaborate to get a huge wow-factor!

Case in point: my cousin is having a baby boy in November. The shower is this weekend; I’m out of town and won’t be attending.  I sent a blanket, a bib and a burpieboring nice gift. Baby’s monogram is on each item = a very excited thank you note has already been emailed. That extra thought in not just a gift, but a monogrammed gift is so worth it! Plus, most places don’t even charge extra to personalize a gift…bonus.

It’s nearing the end of September…and if your fam is anything like mine, pumpkin carving and fall in general is a fav around here! Kids=scary or funny faces. Mom=a monogrammed pumpkin. People driving or walking by the house with face pumpkins only…aww cute faces. People driving by with that family monogram pumpkin in the middle…WOW, SO CUTE!! Trust me, I know, it’s been happening for a few years now! Who would’ve thought that the addition of 3 letters or even 1 could mean so much.

We give gifts all the time, and the holidays are rapidly approaching as well…keep this in mind!  A personalized or monogrammed gift will beat a regular gift any day of the week. A timeless classic, never going out of style, has been here for AGES.  We heart monogrammed gifts here at MonogrammedEverything!

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